I suppose if you look back to your early childhood you accept everything people tell you and that includes a heavy dose of irrationality – you’re told about tooth fairies and Father Christmas and things.

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For the first half of geological time our ancestors were bacteria. Most creatures still are bacteria and each one of our trillions of cells is a colony of bacteria.

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Evolution never looks to the future.

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Design can never be an ultimate explanation for anything. It can only be a proximate explanation. A plane or a car is explained by a designer but that’s because the designer himself the engineer is explained by natural selection.

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Complex statistically improbable things are by their nature more difficult to explain than simple statistically probable things.

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By all means let’s be open-minded but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.

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But perhaps the rest of us could have separate classes in science appreciation the wonder of science scientific ways of thinking and the history of scientific ideas rather than laboratory experience.

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I was confirmed at my prep school at the age of 13.

Intelligent life on a planet comes of age when it first works out the reason for its own existence.

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I love romantic poetry.

The Bible should be taught but emphatically not as reality. It is fiction myth poetry anything but reality. As such it needs to be taught because it underlies so much of our literature and our culture.

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I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.

It would be intolerant if I advocated the banning of religion but of course I never have.

Many of us saw religion as harmless nonsense. Beliefs might lack all supporting evidence but we thought if people needed a crutch for consolation where’s the harm? September 11th changed all that.

One of the things that is wrong with religion is that it teaches us to be satisfied with answers which are not really answers at all.

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