‘American Horror’ goes for a very specific kind of Seventies suburban downer ambience – ‘Flowers in the Attic’ paperbacks Black Sabbath album covers and late-night flicks like ‘Let’s Scare Jessica to Death.’ It even has ‘Go Ask Alice’-era urban legends.

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‘American Horror’ is the debasement of the suburban family the way a lonely kid would have imagined it in the Seventies.

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Ah the bond between English boys and California girls. For those of us who aren’t either it’s a bond that fascinates and mystifies. So much of the world’s favorite music comes out of that relationship.

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Big Star invented a vision of bohemian rock &amp roll cool that had nothing to do with New York Los Angeles or London which made them completely out of style in the 1970s but also made them an inspiration to generations of weird Southern kids.

Most of an award-show host’s job is showing up and keeping a cool head and soldiering through it whether it’s the Oscars or the Hallmark Channel’s ‘Hero Dog Awards.’

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At an incredibly divisive point in pop history Donna Summer managed to create an undeniable across-the-board experience of mass pleasure – after ‘Bad Girls’ nobody ever tried claiming disco sucked again. It set the template for what Michael Jackson would do a few months later with ‘Off The Wall.’

Watching the evening news in 2011 is a strange time-travel experience. ‘The CBS Evening News’ ‘ABC World News’ and ‘NBC Nightly News’ haven’t changed their style over the decades still going for that old-fashioned mix of voice-of-authority pomp and feel-good fluff. The difference is that people aren’t watching.

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