I was from such a large family that when I first met my wife I told her: ‘You can go work outside of the house and I’ll stay home and continue making my cartoon strips. Maybe I’ll make some commercials nearby you know I’ll do anything locally but I would love to just stay at home and raise the kids like I did when I was growing up.’

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I was a cartoonist when I was at university but I decided to go into movie making knowing that I could still draw by doing movies design work story boards and such.

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I always wanted to be a stay-at-home dad making art making movies.

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Exploitation films were famous for taking an issue an exploiting it because they could move much faster than a studio could. If there was any hot topic they would run out and make a quick movie and make a buck on it by changing it around and using it in some way to give some relevance.

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Everyone applauds each other’s success in Hollywood because they know how tough it is but it really comes down fundamentally to the process.

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Don’t give me any money don’t give me any people but give freedom and I’ll give you a movie that looks gigantic.

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A movie goes from several stages from idea to script. As you continue shooting you will make some adjustments. You’re constantly adjusting. It’s like a piece of music. You’re constantly trying to make it better.

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Frank is such a great visual storyteller that if you study his artwork you see that his Sin City books are already the best movies never seen on the big screen.

I do like strong women in my movies. I have five sisters so I’ve just grown up with that model.

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Creative people are notoriously the slowest to adopt new technology.

I want to push technology boundaries to be more efficient.

What I love about new technology is that it really pushes the art. It really pushes it in a way that you can’t imagine until you come up with the idea. It’s idea-based. You can do anything.

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