I receive huge support from Irish and British sports fans alike and it is greatly appreciated. Likewise I feel I have a great affinity with the American sports fans. I play most of my golf in the U.S. nowadays and I am incredibly proud to have won the U.S. Open and U.S. PGA Championship in the last two years.

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Home will always be Northern Ireland but my schedule means for the next few years I won’t be there as much. I can’t do the same things that I did a year ago. That is I’m something conscious of but I’m not sad about it. It’s fine.

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I wanted to make a point of basing myself at home being close to my family. I’ll never be able to repay Mum and Dad for what they did but at least they know they’ll never have to work another day. I’ll do whatever it takes to look after them.

My dad’s a scratch golfer and I’ve got the knack of seeing something and then replicating it. I saw my dad swing a club and I worked out how to do the same thing. My backswing and follow-through have been basically the same since I was two.

My mom and dad worked very hard to give me the best chance in – not just in golf but in life. You know I was an only child you know my dad worked three jobs at one stage. My mom worked night shifts in a factory.

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