I enjoy racing historic motorcars from the ’50s and ’60s. The seed of my interest was planted when I was about 12 years old and took over my mother’s Morris Minor. I drove it around my father’s farm. But my favorite car is still a McLaren F1 which I have had for 10 years.

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But actually so many of the clerics that I’ve met particularly the Church of England clerics are people of such extraordinary smugness and arrogance and conceitedness who are extraordinarily presumptuous about the significance of their position in society.

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Apart from the fact that your physical ability starts to decline I also think someone in their fifties being childlike becomes a little sad. You’ve got to be careful.

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In the modern media age we are rarely surprised by what we see. Whether it’s on television or film or in the theatre everything is so advertised so trailed that most entertainment is merely what you thought it was going to be like.

No no I was only funny on stage really. I I think I was funny as a person toward my classmates when I was very young. You know when I was a child up to about the age of 12.

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Funny things tend not to happen to me. I am not a natural comic. I need to think about things a lot before I can be even remotely amusing.

I think I have an inner confidence that my tastes are pretty simple that what I find funny finds a wide audience. I’m not particularly intellectual or clever or minority-focused in my creative instincts. And I’m certainly not aware of suppressing more sophisticated ambitions.

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Confronting a stadium audience you can’t see the whites of their eyes. It’s just an amorphous mass of noise and of course you can’t see the alleged billions watching at home either so the degree to which you are intimidated is quite low.

Mr. Bean is at his best when he is not using words but I am equally at home in both verbal and nonverbal expression.

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