Having family responsibilities and concerns just has to make you a more understanding person.

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Each of us brings to our job whatever it is our lifetime of experience and our values.

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Despite the encouraging and wonderful gains and the changes for women which have occurred in my lifetime there is still room to advance and to promote correction of the remaining deficiencies and imbalances.

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A state of war is not a blank check… when it comes to the rights of the Nation’s citizens.

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Statutes authorizing unreasonable searches were the core concern of the framers of the 4th Amendment.

Young women today often have very little appreciation for the real battles that took place to get women where they are today in this country. I don’t know how much history young women today know about those battles.

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Most high courts in other nations do not have discretion such as we enjoy in selecting the cases that the high court reviews. Our court is virtually alone in the amount of discretion it has.

We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone… and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads form one to another that creates something.

Yes I will bring the understanding of a woman to the Court but I doubt that alone will affect my decisions.

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I had become increasingly concerned in recent years about the lack of civics education in our nation’s schools. In recent years the schools have stopped teaching it. And it’s unfortunate.

Parents should continue to become more involved with their communities and more involved in their children’s education.

The more education a woman has the wider the gap between men’s and women’s earnings for the same work.

We pay a price when we deprive children of the exposure to the values principles and education they need to make them good citizens.

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Half the states have stopped making civics and government a requirement for high school. Half.

It matters enormously to a successful democratic society like ours that we have three branches of government each with some independence and some control over the other two. That’s set out in the Constitution.

The Establishment Clause prohibits government from making adherence to a religion relevant in any way to a person’s standing in the political community.

We have a complex system of government. You have to teach it to every generation.

You have citizens who don’t understand how government works and they’re kind of soured on it. All they do is criticize. They have no idea that they can make things happen.

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