I think everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Mark’s happier. I’m sober. There are still phone calls to be made people I need to say something to. But everyone from Creed who I’ve offended or hurt I ask for their forgiveness.

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I just hope it grows into where it was before because I want my son to see it. I want him to have a positive memory of it going forward so he can be proud of his daddy.

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I always believed in God and Christ but I was in rebellion – trying to make my relationship with God fit into my life instead of making my life fit in with him. I was stubborn.

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And it took me since I was 17 and left home running from God to now as a 30-year-old man when I honestly feel like I’ve come full circle and my heart’s finally in the right place.

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I’m still going to make mistakes but I don’t have any problems with publicly professing my faith now. It just took me a long time to get to the right place in my relationship with Christ.

It just took all of that to come to a screeching halt to get to the point of having nothing for me to finally realize Hey what are you fighting with this for? Until then I hadn’t claimed my faith as my own I had just grown up with it.

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