I was very much into buying contemporary art but I’ve just decided I want to get rid of it all. Not that it’s not great art but all of a sudden my mood has changed and I want to go back to seventeenth- and eighteenth-century masters.

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I think that’s become passe but if you can surround yourself with a kind of monument to yourself and your family – a statement – and you can afford it then that’s a noble project.

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I tend to think of action movies as exuberant morality plays in which good triumphs over evil.

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I made some truly awful movies. ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’ was the worst. If you ever want someone to confess to murder just make him or her sit through that film. They will confess to anything after 15 minutes.

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I have great expectations for the future because the past was highly overrated.

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I could start a war in 30 seconds. But some countries spend 100 years trying to find peace. Just like good manners peace has to be learned.

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I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.

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I am a sensitive writer actor and director. Talking business disgusts me. If you want to talk business call my disgusting personal manager.

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A lot of guys have muscles. A lot of strong men in this world. I think it’s important to show that even under all this strength there’s a fragile side a side that can be affected.

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I respect a woman too much to marry her.

Like I said I’ve got too much respect for women to marry them but that doesn’t mean you can’t support them emotionally and financially.

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