The real beauty of it – key to my life was playing key chords on a banjo. For somebody else it may be a golf club that mom and dad put in their hands or a baseball or ballet lessons. Real gift to give to me and put it in writing.

William Blake Thankful Quote

Success is always temporary. When all is said and one the only thing you’ll have left is your character.

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I had just lost my dad and I remembered all the songs we used to go and hear at concerts and the records around the house and sometimes we’d play together.

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The real amazing thing about all of this is I think I’ve maintained the mentality of a musician throughout it all which I’m proudest of. And I’m still playing on people’s records and singing on people’s records.

Yes the companionship is amazing. You know you can get that physical attraction that happens is great but then there’s an awful lot of time and the rest of the day that you have to fill.

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I do not like being famous. I like being normal.

I’ve always been more drawn to being normal than being famous.

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