So I remember when I was a kid I was waiting for my mom to come home when she was working late and you know I was like ‘Oh my God what happened to her? Is she OK? Did something happen to her getting in the car?’ I was a little kid. But those are actually early onsets of anxiety.

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My political science degree is always on the back-burner. I took my LSAT so even if I want to take the LSAT again I know what I’m getting into. I’ll keep it on the back-burner. Who knows maybe with my popularity I can have a career in politics with a law degree. I think it’ll work out either way.

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My family was all born in Sicily and I’m Italian-American. They’re the real thing. They’re authentic Italians and honestly they’re the most open-minded nicest people in the world and nothing can really offend them. That’s the way I think true Sicilians are.

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I made my drama teacher cry. I only took drama to get out of writing papers in English and the teacher was this thespian Broadway geek and here I was this Italian guy from Staten Island and I would put her in tears.

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I keep it real normal like I don’t try to act like a celebrity or say that just because I’m on a TV show I can do other types of TV. I take it very seriously and I respect the art of acting.

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I can work myself up into a fearful paralyzing state of mind that can last for days weeks even months where I feel mad totally isolated and alone overwhelmed and completely out of control.

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I got a family house for everybody to live in – my mom my sisters and I. And I made sure that it has a separate apartment downstairs for myself. Family is more important than anything. We don’t come from any money. So once I get them settled in in a nice house then I’ll branch out and see if I can get something else.

My house has always been like everyone’s house. You walk in you’re a part of the family no matter who you are what celebrity status you are everyone is treated the same – with love from my mom.

My mom’s gonna be the biggest star – mark my words right now!

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