All the rappers my age are getting Audemars and Rolexes. I want to find my own thing. That’s why I travel the world – for me that’s my B-side why we go places. I have a Hublot on from time to time but I want a home base watch – something that’s elegant but has got a little pizzazz to it.

Walter Martin Faith Quote

I’m very proud of my Nigerian heritage. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be raised in a heavy Nigerian environment because my parents were always working. My father was with D.C. Cabs and my mother worked in fast food and was a nurse.

We lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Northwest D.C. I was essentially raised by a Panamanian man and a Jamaican woman. That’s why I have such a fascination with Jamaican food.

William Blake Sad Quotes

I worked at a hot dog place a bagel place the Jersey Store and the hottest fashion joint around. I was getting too famous to work there anymore. I was almost showing up as a joke. I made $2,000 on my show the previous night and I’m going to go shopping during my five-hour shift.

I’m learning as I go. I don’t know everything. I never had anybody to look at nobody ever taught me and where I’m from I didn’t have any famous role models.

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