It’s not a struggle but sometimes when you’re gone for a month or two you start to miss your friends. I love acting so much that it fills that gap of being sad about not being able to see my friends.

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I have three dogs a cat fish. I’m a huge animal lover. They’re amazing.

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I have mostly been terrified of listening to scary stories around a campfire. We camp a lot as a family and at night my dad would try and tell us scary stories. This made eating s’mores difficult. The story would start with something like… ‘and the old man who lived in these woods…’ I would then run back into the camper terrified.

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I definitely look up to Meryl Streep because she’s been in so many amazing movies and I just think that she’s one of the greatest actresses out there. I also look up to Jennifer Lawrence especially knowing her and knowing that she is so awesome and so nice.

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For ‘The Haunting Hour’ I thought it would be a lot of fun. It was great to play this cool kid role. My episode is called ‘The Intruders’ and my character is this mean angry teenager because her younger brother was just born and he gets all of the attention. She’s always playing tricks on her family and there are some cool twists.

I didn’t audition for the part! The role was offered to me and I was so excited to be a part of ‘The Haunting Hour.’ It is such a cool show and it was so much fun shooting the ‘Intruders.’

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