I’m concerned a little bit with the culture of celebrating the fundraise. My dad taught me that when you borrow money it’s the worst day of your life.

My dad is like a cactus – introverted and tough. I’m a people person like my mom but I got my competitiveness from my dad. He came to this country from Belarus with nothing and built a real business. He’s my hero for giving me that need to run a business and for having enormous confidence in me.

People who build family businesses are not classically trained. They have to deal with an enormous amount of politics. You think corporate politics are tough? Go work for your dad or your mom.

You have to respect your parents. They are giving you an at-bat. If you’re an entrepreneur and go into the family business you want to grow fast. Patience is important. But respect the other party… My dad and I pulled it off because we really respect each other.

Gary Vaynerchuk Dad Quotes

I find it fascinating that a lot of business books that do well are from people who’ve never made any money in business.

I want to sit with 80- and 90-year-old people more than anyone. They have played this game before. Not one of them has told me ‘I wish I had more money.’

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I always say that the real success of Wine Library wasn’t due to the videos I posted but to the hours I spent talking to people online afterward making connections and building relationships.

My store Wine Library outsells big national chains. How do you think we do it? It started with hustle. I always say that our success wasn’t due to my hundreds of online videos about wine that went viral but to the hours I spent talking to people online afterward making connections and building relationships.

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From age 16 I lived and breathed wine. I read every magazine and book about wine.

IQ is a commodity data is a commodity. I’m far more interested in watching people interact at a restaurant with their smartphone. We can all read ‘Tech Crunch’ ‘Ad Age.’ I would rather be living in the trenches. I would rather be going to Whole Foods in Columbus Circle to watch people shop with their smartphones.

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I am surprised by how not-adopted the video reply has been. What keeps other people from doing it I think is that they think a video comes across as ‘I’m cool look at how many e-mails I get.’ That perception doesn’t scare me because I know who I am.

People are more comfortable learning about wine because now they can just Google you know ‘Soave’ and say ‘Oh O.K. cool.’

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