You can learn as much about the history from reading about the present as you can vice versa that is learning about the present through history which is what I do for a living.

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I think we too often make choices based on the safety of cynicism and what we’re lead to is a life not fully lived. Cynicism is fear and it’s worse than fear – it’s active disengagement.

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I record all of my music with authentic instruments in a studio before we start editing doing many many versions. The music shapes the film as we edit so it has an organic relationship to the content.

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I have made a film about jazz that tries to look through jazz to see what it tells us about who we are as a people. I think that jazz is a spectacularly accurate model of democracy and a kind of look into our redemptive future possibilities.

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I began to feel that the drama of the truth that is in the moment and in the past is richer and more interesting than the drama of Hollywood movies. So I began looking at documentary films.

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History is malleable. A new cache of diaries can shed new light and archeological evidence can challenge our popular assumptions.

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