Yes I don’t believe that the inter-Korean relationship has quote ‘deteriorated’ since I assumed office. Rather I believe that the relationship between the two Koreas is entering into a new phase – a time of transition. And so I think that the North Koreans are trying to see what they can build with this with my new administration.

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What we have is North Korea still pursuing path to a nuclear weapon state. So the majority of people’s trust in North Korea has gone down considerably.

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I know that throughout their history the people of the United States defended their freedom their liberty their justice and their rights – if need be – with their lives. I think their courage is so admirable.

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I think within Japan there is talk about how there is the need to reassess the future of the U.S.-Japan alliance.

Including myself the majority of the Korean people believe in this staunch alliance between Korea and the United States and all of us hope that our traditional alliance will be further strengthened in the future.

The Nuclear Security Summit was President Obama’s initiative born out of his vision to leave behind a safer more prosperous world for the future generation.

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