That’s one strength that Stevie has. She’s really not a strong instrumentalist in any way. Her instrument is her voice and her words. And it keeps her focused on the very center of that.

Lindsey Buckingham Strength Quote

Some days I would be there at ten in the morning and wouldn’t leave till ten at night and the others would waltz in for a couple of hours and then leave because I was doing that painting thing. And they were happy to see that being done.

Lindsey Buckingham Morning Quote

I also learned to be more confident to trust my instincts more.

Lindsey Buckingham Trust Quote

But by taking the time away getting myself off the treadmill and just slowing down and learning I felt I had so much more to give back. And maybe that was something that needed to happen for all of us.

Lindsey Buckingham Learning Quote

When I work alone it can be like dabbling with a canvas. Maybe you paint over bits and it starts to form its own life and lead you off in a direction. It becomes an intuitive subconscious process.

When I work alone my process is like painting. With Fleetwood Mac it’s more like movie making.

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