We’re starting to push the envelope in terms of the expectations and you can also have your own style personality and sense of humor because now we’re allowed to.

Lisa Guerrero Humor Quote

I’ve always been around dudes and sports.

Lisa Guerrero Sports Quote

I’m looking forward to talking to Bill Parcells too and to seeing how that marriage with Jerry Jones goes.

Lisa Guerrero Marriage Quote

In the morning I reach for the sports page.

On my morning run I listen to sports talk radio.

Lisa Guerrero Morning Quotes

I’m proud of what I look like. I’m proud that I look like my mom.

My mom died when I was 8.

Lisa Guerrero Mom Quotes

I grew up watching Monday Night Football with Howard Cosell and the other guys with my dad.

So my dad raised me and he’s a huge football fan.

When I found out I got this job I cried of course – I’m a girly-girl – and then I called my dad and he cried too. On so many levels this is a thrill for me.

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