You get used to sadness growing up in the mountains I guess.

Loretta Lynn Sad Quote

My life has run from misery to happiness.

Loretta Lynn Happiness Quote

My attitude toward men who mess around is simple: If you find ’em kill ’em.

Loretta Lynn Attitude Quote

My biggest hero Gregory Peck was my birthday present on April 14 1973. I just sat and stared at him.

Loretta Lynn Birthday Quote

Mommy smoked but she didn’t want us to. She saw smoke coming out of the barn one time so we got whipped.

Loretta Lynn Mom Quote

I’ve seen country music go uptown like we say and I’m proud I was there when it happened.

Loretta Lynn Music Quote

I’d love to travel to the Holy Land.

Loretta Lynn Travel Quote

I never rode in an automobile until I was 12.

Loretta Lynn Car Quote

I know there’s some kind of history to mountain music-like it came from Ireland or England or Scotland and we kept up the tradition.

Loretta Lynn History Quote

I get along with all the women singers but especially Dolly Parton. We talk the same hillbilly language.

Loretta Lynn Women Quote