I love sci-fi because it leads in the imagination and I always say it has the most intelligent fans in the world.

Robert Carlyle Imagination Quote

I don’t take a great deal of interest in party politics. Social politics interests me a great deal more.

Robert Carlyle Politics Quote

Acting is probably the greatest therapy in the world. You can get a lot stuff out of you on the set so you don’t have to take it home with you at night. It’s the stuff between the lines the empty space between those lines which is interesting.

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Acting the arts in general is a magnet for the wounded of society.

Robert Carlyle Society Quote

I’ve always taken my love of children from my father. He was a children magnet. Suddenly having my first child hit home what my dad went through.

My dad was rubbish at all other aspects of his financial life but he’s pretty good at paying the rent.

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