I mean certainly writing painting photography dance architecture there is an aspect of almost every art form that is useful and that merges into film in some way.

Sydney Pollack Architecture Quote

I got into this little habit of architecture and building. I designed a house in Colorado and one in Hawaii. The idea is supposed to be build and sell – but then I can never bring myself to sell them.

Trey Parker Architecture Quote

I don’t know why I’ve always been so captivated by architecture.

Tim Gunn Architecture Quote

I could have been an architect but I don’t think I’d have been very happy. Nearly all modern architecture is a silly game as far as I can see.

Roger Waters Architecture Quote

Every man’s work whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else is always a portrait of himself.

Samuel Butler Architecture Quote

But after the time there I’d had it with fashion again so I left to go to architecture school in a summer course at Harvard which didn’t last very long.

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All the revision in the world will not save a bad first draft: for the architecture of the thing comes or fails to come in the first conception and revision only affects the detail and ornament alas!

T. E. Lawrence Architecture Quote

French architecture always manages to combine the most magnificent underlying themes of architecture like Roman design it looks to the community.

Georgian architecture respected the scale of both the individual and the community.

Of all the lessons most relevant to architecture today Japanese flexibility is the greatest.

The Egyptian contribution to architecture was more concerned with remembering the dead than the living.

The English light is so very subtle so very soft and misty that the architecture responded with great delicacy of detail.

The interior of the house personifies the private world the exterior of it is part of the outside world.

The logic of Palladian architecture presented an aesthetic formula which could be applied universally.

Victorian architecture in the United States was copied straight from England.

What people want above all is order.

Stephen Gardiner Architecture Quotes

Architecture is a slow business and city planning even slower.

Architecture is about public space held by buildings.

Form follows profit is the aesthetic principle of our times.

I believe very strongly and have fought since many years ago – at least over 30 years ago – to get architecture not just within schools but architecture talked about under history geography science technology art.

My passion and great enjoyment for architecture and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it is because I believe we – architects – can effect the quality of life of the people.

Of course I know very little about architecture and the older I get the less I know.

Richard Rogers Architecture Quotes

Architecture is involved with the world but at the same time it has a certain autonomy. This autonomy cannot be explained in terms of traditional logic because the most interesting parts of the work are non-verbal. They operate within the terms of the work like any art.

But I absolutely believe that architecture is a social activity that has to do with some sort of communication or places of interaction and that to change the environment is to change behaviour.

I’m often called an old-fashioned modernist. But the modernists had the absurd idea that architecture could heal the world. That’s impossible. And today nobody expects architects to have these grand visions any more.

My buildings don’t speak in words but by means of their own spaciousness.

The aesthetic of architecture has to be rooted in a broader idea about human activities like walking relaxing and communicating. Architecture thinks about how these activities can be given added value.

You might say that when you step inside you’re entering a honorific space but that’s something totally different than experiencing it. And in architecture the experience comes first. That has the deepest effect on us.

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