I wish that every human life might be pure transparent freedom.

Simone de Beauvoir Freedom Quote

I was determined to achieve the total freedom that our history lessons taught us we were entitled to no matter what the sacrifice.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter Freedom Quote

I was interested by the idea that artists working in a totalitarian dictatorship or tsarist autocracy are secretly and slightly shamefully envied by artists who work in freedom. They have the gratification of intense interest: the authorities want to put them in jail while there are younger readers for whom what they write is pure oxygen.

Tom Stoppard Freedom Quote

I stand for limited government fiscal responsibility personal freedom personal responsibility so the Republican Party will support me.

Rick Scott Freedom Quote

I love the freedom of movement that my phone gives me. That has definitely transformed my life.

Richard Branson Freedom Quote

I love the freedom that the narrative form provides.

Sidney Sheldon Freedom Quote

I like movies that pop that have a little bit of candy on that freedom to have a little bit of extra fun but are rooted in real behaviour. Rooted in cause and effect never violating reality.

Tony Gilroy Freedom Quote

I have always that there ought to be some kind of mandatory national service not necessarily in the military but to show everybody that freedom isn’t free that everybody has an obligation to the nation as a community.

Robert M. Gates Freedom Quote

I don’t look so closely at women’s fashion but from the 20th century on people have had the freedom to express themselves and their individualities and fashion is one of the most fundamental ways in which they do this men and women are equally able to express themselves.

Tadao Ando Freedom Quote

I do believe that freedom isn’t free – but today the corporate and political right wing is trying to cheapen this truly American value. They’ve been cynically using the word ‘freedom’ to rally the American public against its own best interests.

Richard Trumka Freedom Quote