I wish that there were more stringent laws to make guns sold anywhere that they’re legal harder to get.

Rosie O’Donnell Legal Quote

I wish the government and the Minister of Justice would address these legal and constitutional arguments but they refuse to. They want Canadians to go blindly into their brave new world but it is not wise for a society to move blindly in any direction.

Stockwell Day Legal Quote

I remember being upset because I was finally legal to drink in Canada and I decided to throw that all away and move to America where I had to wait another two years. I came here to do improv and to try to join the Groundlings.

Ryan Reynolds Legal Quote

I object to a legal approach when settling questions of science or scientific behavior.

Serge Lang Legal Quote

I oppose any attempt to grant homosexual unions the same legal privileges that civil government affords to traditional marriage and family life.

Todd Akin Legal Quote

I know how easy it is for one to stay well within moral ethical and legal bounds through the skillful use of words – and to thereby spin sidestep circumvent or bend a truth completely out of shape. To that extent we are all liars on numerous occasions.

Sidney Poitier Legal Quote

I have written about the dispossessed immigrants the condition of women who do not enjoy the same legal rights as men the Palestinians who are deprived of their land and condemned to exile.

Tahar Ben Jelloun Legal Quote

I have been committed to carrying out my duties… in accordance with both the letter and spirit of all applicable rules of ethics and canons of conduct.

Samuel Alito Legal Quote

I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.

Steven Wright Legal Quote

Hitler never abandoned the cloak of legality he recognized the enormous psychological value of having the law on his side. Instead he turned the law inside out and made illegality legal.

Robert Byrd Legal Quote