But presidential approval also became a surrogate measure of national unity and patriotism.

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America beats on you so hard the whole time. You are constantly being pummeled by other people’s rights and their sense of patriotism.

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Some versions of patriotism come close to the tribal which we all want to surpass and some don’t.

The mobilisation which Bush has been able to perform since 11 September 2001 has to be fought – at least by Americans – in the name of a wise honourable and democratic patriotism.

There is a fuzzy but real distinction that can and I believe should be made between patriotism which is attachment to a way of life and nationalism which is the insistence that your way of life deserves to rule over other ways of life.

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I think English film is very embarrassed by patriotism generally.

In ‘The King’s Speech’ patriotism is utterly contained within a historical moment the third of September, 1939 where the aggressor is clear the fight is clear it hasn’t become complicated over time.

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Gentlemen have talked a great deal of patriotism. A venerable word when duly practiced.

The very idea of true patriotism is lost and the term has been prostituted to the very worst of purposes. A patriot sir! Why patriots spring up like mushrooms!

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Unfortunately our history has abundant examples of patriotism being used to hurt those who express views in disagreement with that of the majority.

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The proper means of increasing the love we bear our native country is to reside some time in a foreign one.

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Patriotism is considered to be an emotion a person ought to feel. But why? Why is it nobler to love your own country than to love someone else’s?

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Obama has been attacked repeatedly for not wearing a flag pin with Republicans claiming that his patriotism is in question. It’s all a bit silly.

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America’s state religion is patriotism a phenomenon which has convinced many of the citizenry that ‘treason’ is morally worse than murder or rape.

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