I voted for Barack because he was black. ‘Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people – because they look like them… That’s American politics pure and simple.

Samuel L. Jackson Politics Quote

I try not to tune in to politics until it’s two or three months before the election. Till then it’s like watching preseason football.

Trey Parker Politics Quote

I think one of the most threatening places to be in politics is a black conservative because there are so many liberals who want to continue to reinforce a stereotype that doesn’t exist about America.

Tim Scott Politics Quote

I think especially in a world where you have so little say about what goes on in your life or in the politics of the world around you it is wonderful to go into that studio and tell yourself what to do.

Suzanne Farrell Politics Quote

I like to see myself as a bridge builder that is me building bridges between people between races between cultures between politics trying to find common ground.

T. D. Jakes Politics Quote

I have always hated celebrities lecturing people on politics. So forgive me. But I am passionate about this country. I am equally passionate about the potential of the people who live here.

Simon Cowell Politics Quote

I hate all politics. I don’t like either political party. One should not belong to them – one should be an individual standing in the middle. Anyone that belongs to a party stops thinking.

Ray Bradbury Politics Quote

I hate injustice and I can’t help but speak against it. But I don’t want to get involved in politics.

Serj Tankian Politics Quote

I don’t take a great deal of interest in party politics. Social politics interests me a great deal more.

Robert Carlyle Politics Quote

I don’t feel finally that my politics are entirely determined by the fact that I’m a gay man.

Tony Kushner Politics Quote