I was raised Jewish my wife was raised Catholic. Though we respect each other’s heritage and while many of our friends are deeply religious we have chosen to focus on our similarities not our differences. We teach our children compassion charity honesty and the benefits of hard work.

Steven Levitan Respect Quote

I was silent as a child and silenced as a young woman I am taking my lumps and bumps for being a big mouth now but usually from those whose opinion I don’t respect.

Sandra Cisneros Respect Quote

I want to establish a wide range and play all kinds of parts. It’s that sort of acting career I really respect. I like to turn a sharp left from whatever I’ve done before because that keeps me awake. That’s why I want to be an actor – I don’t want to play endless variations on one character.

Tim Curry Respect Quote

I used to get nervous you know if my parents would come watch. And then I would get nervous if my friends came and watched. Today it’s not a problem anymore actually because now I enjoy it. I see that they you know respect me immensely and I try to put on a good show and show that I can still play very good tennis.

Roger Federer Respect Quote

I think in New York we had respect and we would pretty much fill up the places where we went but I never got the sense that we really were Number 1 here in New York among the Latin crowds.

Ruben Blades Respect Quote

I think any period in history can be adapted into interesting fiction as long as you approach the actual history with respect.

Seth Grahame-Smith Respect Quote

I respect someone’s right to privacy and I want them to know it.

Terry Gross Respect Quote

I respect the Hall of Fame and if they think that I’m worthy enough I would be very honored. And if they don’t I gave it all that I had to this game.

Rafael Palmeiro Respect Quote

I refuse to step inside the ring and fight like a gladiator against my own. I’m not playing that game. Any woman who has survived a year or more of making music has my undying respect.

Shirley Manson Respect Quote

I love romantic comedies. I have a deep respect for them. I think they’re really difficult to write and write well.

Rashida Jones Respect Quote