I have to express sympathy from the bottom of my heart to those people who were taken as wartime comfort women. As a human being I would like to express my sympathies and also as prime minister of Japan I need to apologize to them.

Shinzo Abe Sympathy Quote

I have to have a character worth caring about. I tend not to start writing books about people I don’t have a lot of sympathy for because I’m just going to be with them too long.

Richard Russo Sympathy Quote

I don’t really distinguish between sympathy and honesty when I’m writing. The two go together – I’m interested in inhabiting my characters seeing the world through their eyes.

Tom Perrotta Sympathy Quote

I didn’t go to university. Didn’t even finish A-levels. But I have sympathy for those who did.

Terry Prachett Sympathy Quote

Here bring your wounded hearts here tell your anguish Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal.

Thomas More Sympathy Quote

He bit his lip in a manner which immediately awakened my maternal sympathy and I helped him bite it.

S. J. Perelman Sympathy Quote

All sympathy not consistent with acknowledged virtue is but disguised selfishness.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Sympathy Quote

When sorrows come they come not single spies but in battalions.

Virginia Woolf Amazing Quote

The natural effect of sorrow over the dead is to refine and elevate the mind.

William Hague Home Quote

The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual. The impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community.

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