I was never a girl who dreamed about what her wedding day would be like but I’ve always dreamed about decorating my baby’s nursery.

Rebecca Romijn Wedding Quote

I want a big church wedding.

Sienna Miller Wedding Quote

I want the big drama. I always said I don’t want a wedding I want a parade.

Star Jones Wedding Quote

I hadn’t been in Vegas 20 minutes when I got word that the bookmakers were offering three to one that Frank wouldn’t show for my wedding.

Sammy Davis Jr. Wedding Quote

I hated the royal wedding.

Steven Patrick Morrissey Wedding Quote

I felt very unstressed on my wedding day. I’m very grateful for that… spending the day on my own being super quiet and happy and just puttering around doing my own thing.

Sonya Walger Wedding Quote

As a pastor you get invited into the most poignant moments of people’s lives. Whether it’s a wedding or a funeral or a hospital visit you get invited into the center of the event whether or not you know the people.

Rob Bell Wedding Quote

A wedding is such a girl thing.

Selma Blair Wedding Quote

I love auditioning. Since ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Wedding Crashers’ I don’t have to audition anymore and I miss it. You get to show your interpretation of the character. I get nervous when I don’t audition. What if they hate what I want to do?

I use filming as an excuse to take classes. I got my certification in sailing for ‘Wedding Crashers’ and now I can handle a 26-foot boat. I played a seamstress once so I took sewing classes. I love dipping into these other lives.

Rachel McAdams Wedding Quotes

I don’t follow trends. I make each cake for a particular wedding or event.

I have a crusade against fondant also shortening. There’s no reason why wedding cakes can’t taste good if you know what you’re doing.

When I celebrated my bar mitzvah there was no cake. Today there is no such thing as a bar mitzvah in the United States without a special cake. It can be even more complicated and expensive than a wedding cake because bar-mitzvah cakes are often based on a particular theme.

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